What to buy a mountain biker for Christmas

It’s that time of year again where you’ve got to fork out your hard earned cash to buy your nearest and dearest the things they want. But it’s hard, half the time they don’t really know what they want! Then you do the next best thing and you buy them something in relation to their hobbies,so you Google things like “what to buy a mountain biker” which brings you here!

Luckily for you we specialise in telling MTBers (that’s mountain bikers to you common folk) about affordable products that they can use all year around! So here’s some stuff that comes in under £100 and isn’t just for Christmas:

Bike stand

If the mountain biker you have in mind doesn’t already have a work-stand then go out and buy one, NOW! They will thank you to no end! There are a variety of different types and they come at different costs, while some of these stands come in well over the £200 you can get ones like this Park Tools stand for just under £90.

Bike lights

These are essential during the winter months and you really won’t understand how hard it is to find a decent light until you try! We’ve previously reviewed the Fluxient 3xU2 and the Lezyen Mega Drive both of which are great lights, but both exceed the £100 mark – if you have the extra cash then these will make any mountain biker very happy!

Fluxien Bike Light

MTB specific clothes

You have no idea how quick we go through biking gear. Shorts, jerseys, gloves, shoes, even socks! They all get ruined when we’re out on those wet, muddy trails and at a rate that only toddlers would be able to match. If you’re stuck on what to get mountain bikers for Christmas then any form of mountain biking specific clothes will do a brilliant job of putting a smile on their face! 5Ten shoes are a firm winner with most bikers – just find out if they ride flats or clipped in before you buy! Disposable components

Depending on how hard the biker in your life rides, they are bound to wear out some of their contact points. The main culprits that need replacing are: pedals, grips, chains, saddle and tyres. We have a couple reviews for pedals, grips and tyres, but just because we like them, doesn’t mean that everyone will! Ask if any of these parts need replacing and find out which ones they like, most of these make great little stocking fillers!

Superstar nano tech redDropper posts

This is the next big must have thing. However they do come with a pretty hefty price tag! The one that has the best reviews at the moment is the Rockshox Reverb which comes at a little whack over £200… this will completely change the life of the person you buy it for, so if you have the budget definitely splash out on one of these!

Full tool set

Every mountain biker fancies themselves as being a mechanic, however our tool-kit usually comprises of a couple of random sized spanners, two collections of allen keys with missing bits, a hammer, some pliers and far too many screwdrivers! Surprise your loved one with this amazing professional tool kit from Superstar which comes in at just a shade under £100 – they also have a lot of pretty cool multi-tools which every biker needs!


Chances are you want to keep your mountain biker safe and sound, and believe it or not we want the same thing! Throwing ourselves off a cliff on a bike is a great laugh, but if we can’t get up and do it again then we won’t be happy. A cool helmet and some elbow and knee pads will make a huge difference to the way we ride and could be the difference between getting up off the floor on our own or making that trip to hospital… again! The type of helmet and pads required will change depending on who wants them, so be sure to make sure you know what kind of stuff they ride then talk to your friendly local bike store to find the best fit!

Hydration packs

When out biking, an individual should consume roughly 1L per hour of hard riding. That’s why we need hydration packs to bring all the liquids we need out on the trails with us. A strong favourite is the Camelbak Mule, which has a fantastic capacity for both water and equipment, although some people prefer the Osprey packs. There are many bikers who still carry bottles with them instead of taking out a hydration pack, so make sure that this isn’t the case for the person you have in mind – also check they don’t already have one of these, as they don’t tend to wear out very quickly!

Camelbak MuleIf you’ve got anything else you want to add to this wishlist then let me know! We need to educate our loved ones on what we actually want for Christmas – it’s our duty to help them make good purchases!

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