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On 13th October 2013
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Looking for a nice, durable waterproof case to keep your phone nice and dry no matter how much it rains? Check out the e-Case.

The Waterproof eCase is a god-send for rainy Wales!

As a mountain biker, my iPhone means an awful lot to me – it’s a compass, a map, a lifeline to help and can track and record my routes. In short it is very important when I’m out and about which means that I like to protect it, and cycling in Wales that means one thing – Waterproofing! That’s where the eCase comes in handy.

Wet, wet Wales!

waterproof eCaseDuring the winter months some of my bike rides feel like I should be wearing arm bands and a life jacket rather than a helmet and gloves. They get very wet. So wet in fact that I have previously put my my electronics into a zip lock bag to keep them safe. I’ve also had cases that are water resistant, which are great for 5 mins in a light drizzle but rubbish for 3 hours of it pouring down! You may be asking yourself “how does the waterproof eCase differ from a zip lock bag?”, I was too but I’ve been pleasantly surprised!

The test

First impressions of the eCase were that it was definitely built to last, with great fabric component, a durable rubber seal and a thick plastic casing. There was no doubt in my mind that I could take this in the bathtub and water still wouldn’t get in it – something I wouldn’t trust a zip lock bag to do! So, I stuck my iPhone into the waterproof eCase and went on a very damp, very cold ride.
The eCase worked great, I managed to use my phone while it was in the case with no problems. It was completely water tight so very fit for purpose and I will definitely be regularly using it on all my wet rides!

waterproof ecase


This £20 case could be the difference between your phone surviving a soggy ride and you having to fork out thousands because it saw a watery grave. The waterproof eCase does exactly what it says on the tin and is build to last, best of all it comes in a range of colours and suits a wide variety of electronics.
There is only one fault I could find, which is that my phone didn’t fit in very well with my other protective case on it – other than that this is a brilliant little product and I’d definitely recommend getting one!

Edit: After a rather large crash at Bike Park Wales the plastic cover got a bit torn which made it unfit for purpose – make sure you keep this out of harms way when riding.

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