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On 21st October 2013
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This little flask is perfect for those long, cold winter rides where you need something to warm you though. Here's how we found it:

At Grinding Gears we love nothing more than a delightfully muddy bike ride followed by a nice hot cup of tea. Well it turns out we’re not the only ones! Trail 42 have created this fantastic Pack Flask that allows you to bring your hot drink of choice with you while out on your bike.

Looks & Works Great!

If anything the pack flask works a little too well – after having tea in the flask for over an hour it was still scolding hot! It has a brilliant, simple and sturdy design, with the main body being made of stainless steel and the top a very durable plastic. Unlike most other flasks, Trail 42 chose to have a smaller size that makes it perfect for mountain biking. This can slot straight into your drinks holder and fit snugly through bumps and bends, or you can pop it straight into your Camelbak and dig it out when you take a tea break – ideal for those long, cold, wet rides!

Trail 42 Pack Flask  Hot Stuff Hot & Cold Stuff Cold

Being the average everyday mountain bikers we are we tried the Trail 42 pack flask with two liquids – TEA & BEER! Perfect combination for any ride we reckon, so whether you want a nice hot cuppa halfway through your soggy ride or to finish your jaunt with an ice cold beer then this is the solution to your problems! We had our doubts when it came to the lid clasp, as it looks like it could be caught on things during the ride and end up spilling either boiling tea or freezing beer all over you but luckily we haven’t had anything even slightly resembling this so far!

We’re Hot for the Cool Pack Flask

This is an amazing little product that has definitely been developed with real cyclists in mind – people who ride long and often. Those men and women who aren’t afraid to get muddy and wet, those work-hard, play-harder types who want nothing more than to shred some singletrack and down a nice cold beer. The pack flask was made with you in mind – if you’re a weight concious, teetotal, hot-drink-hater then you should probably give this one a miss, unless of course you want to stick your protein shake in it to down after that amazing climb you just thoroughly enjoyed… weirdo.

Who are Trail 42?

Trail 42 are a new apparel brand for those with an active lifestyle, set up by  Ruth and Rich Hallett, these mountain bikers know exactly what it is you want! And that is ethically-sourced products that are fantastic quality yet with an affordable price tag. Something that we agree they produced with this pack flask, as it comes in at just £15.00 – something we reckon would sell well even if it was hitting the £30 mark!

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