Product Review: Token Double Lock On Grips

For about 6 months I’ve been using the Token Double Lock-On Grips

Considering I bought them for under a tenner on Chain Reaction Cycles I was expecting to wear them out within a month, but to my joy and surprise I’ve found them incredible!

Token lock on grips

Token double lock on grips are reliable, durable and great value!

I should probably state that I’m in no way affiliated with token, because I about to sing their praises… Thing is I’m a very simple kind of guy,I just want something that works well and doesn’t break the bank. Token deliver this in excess! Nobody expects anything under a tenner to really perform, especially in mountain biking, but these really come through.


When using gloves the Token double lock on grips have huge amounts of friction and thanks to the clamp on both sides I can honestly say I’ve never felt even the hint of a slip while out riding. When you’re not wearing gloves you do tend to find your hands are covered in little black bits from the grips, but after having mine on for about 3 months I still can’t see many signs of wear.

Couple of popular colour options

Like many mountain bikers I know, I like it when my components all match. Some clever clogs at Token obviously figured this out too and introduced a variety of the more popular ‘bike colours’ to their range. Clever clogs for adding colour I hear you say? Ok, so that should come standard from most manufacturers, but the way Token added a splash of colour is what’s really good – a subtly really – in just the clamp parts. This obviously cuts down cost and doesn’t make your bike scream LOOK AT ME! The only problem I’ve found is that through a bit of abuse, hitting trees, laying the bike down etc. the colour starts to come off a bit… My first real niggle with these grips.


Digging for problems with the Token double lock on grips

If I had to really, really think of a negative point for these grips it would be that when its really wet and muddy they can become a bit slippery. I stacked it in Clyne (notoriously muddy) and my handlebars went straight into the dirt… Unfortunately as the Tokens are so grippy, the mud stuck. It was also quite difficult to get all the gunk out after – became a pressure washer job!

My rating

On value for money, performance and looks the Token double lock on grips is unbeatable in its price range. I struggle to see why any average, everyday mountain biker would pay more for a product that would deliver remarkably similar results.

Overall I give these grips an outstanding ★★★★★★★★★★10/10! Just on the basis that they offer amazing grip and control at a ridiculous value for money. If and when mine do run out I’m going to have to have a very good reason not to go with Token again!

Think you can sway me with your choice? Let me know in the comments below!

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