Double Tested – Superstar Nano Tech Review

You may have seen the initial impressions review of the Superstar Nano Tech pedals that Grinding Gears released a few months ago. Well here is the complete review done on a split test, by ourselves and our friend Andy Hampshire – @hampy4 on Twitter.

Initial Superstar Nano Tech Reviews

SuperstarAndy’s reason for choosing Superstar:
I desperately needed new pedals, as ice would form on the surface of my Fire Eye Solid Flats when out riding in subzero temps…not a fault of the pedals but my naivety and over optimism that they were suitable for winter riding…doh! But it did make for a lot of fun in the corners!

GG’s reasons for Superstar:
The price! At £38 these pedals are an absolute steal, they have pins which can be easily replaced and come in a huge variety of colours – excellent for those of us who like all the parts on our bikes to match.

Andy’s way of thinking:
Like most of us I used to base my purchases on swanky product advertising which is designed to convince us that product ‘X’ will transform our riding experience and take us to the next level or reading reviews of products I couldn’t afford to buy in the vain hope that one magazine was reviewing the product I was looking for…By ‘eck how things have changed! Now I just tweet to those like-minded souls in me twitter community and bingo a plethora of advice, comments, guidance and help arrives at the click of a button! So with the help of a very active twitter community and a few websites I decided to check out the Superstar Nano Techs as my modest budget of £40 made these my ideal pedals.

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