Initial Impressions: Superstar Nano Tech Pedals

Component upgrade: Superstar Nano Tech Pedals

I recently bought some new Superstar Nano Tech pedals for both mine and my brother’s bikes – only £38 – mine have replaced the standard Specialized pedals that came with the bike and my brother has changed from what have been referred to as “slippery fish pedals”.

What do the Superstar Nano Tech pedals bring to the table?

Minor component updates can have a huge impact on the way in which your bike feels, pedals are no exceptions. The Superstar Nano Techs offer fantastic grip that constantly makes me feel like I could be ripping up my shoes, but this hasn’t happened just yet… Fitting was especially easy with no awkward hunt for finding the spanner, just a simple Allen key jobbie – less than a minute and you have a brand new set of pedals!


So far I’ve ridden with the Superstar Nano Tech for about a month, using it in several XC rides and a few Downhill trips and I have to say I love them! The amount of control you get from these pedals is insane! Sometime I genuinely have to remind myself I’m not riding clipped in.

Would I recommend the Nano Techs?

I’ve only been using these for a month so I can’t comment on longevity just yet but I have to say so far these Superstar pedals are fantastic! The change on riding experience is immediate, total control, no slipping feet and spikes that really dig in!

I’ll make sure to provide a full review once they’ve received a real battering, but so far I have no complaints whatsoever! Best of all there are a huge range of colours allowing you to match or contrast them with your bike. I got the red ones for myself while my brother got a delightful set of blue Superstar nano techs. Almost forgot to mention, Superstar throw in Harribo sweets and stickers with every order!


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