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Review: Rideguard PF1 Front Mudguard


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On 3rd November 2017
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Does the job of keeping sh!t out of your eyes while looking awesome on your bike.

It really is amazing the difference that one simple bit of plastic can make to your bike. We aren’t really talking about bike upgrades here, more having a much nicer ride when the weather turns a bit south or if you happen to live in Wales.

Mud, rain and sheep shit are just some of the things that fly at you on a regular basis when you ride a mountain bike. The goal here is to stop them hitting your face. That’s where Rideguard comes in.

Rideguard PF1 Mudguard Review

Why Rideguard? Frankly, for me it was the fact that it’s a local company (based in Bristol) they use recyclable material and they have hella cool designs! The latter point is what really swayed it for me.

There are dozens of people out there making mudguards, ranging in price of the expensive – like mudhugger – to the cheap – cutting up a coke bottle yourself and strapping it to your bike. However, none of the other companies I’ve seen seem to have any real flare for design. They’re either all black or have a colourful stripe running through the middle. Not very creative really.

Rideguard are different. I mean just look at these beauties:

Rideguard mudguards

What’s more – they work brilliantly and you can come home without muck all over your face! For less than a tenner there really is no downside to these mud guards.

Saying that, I had to punch my own holes for my Manitou Mattocs which I’m pretty used to now, haven’t found a single provider who thinks about having a backward facing arch. Seeing as it’s a pretty small section of the fork market though, I’m not surprised and using a holepunch to make my own mount isn’t exactly hard.

Check these badboys out for yourself here: https://www.rideguard.co.uk/collections/mountain

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