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Review: Funn Full On Handlebar and Stem Bundle


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On 7th March 2016
Last modified:16th May 2017


It's not the lightest bar and stem combo out there, but for under £50 you can't knock it! It has durability and looks in absolute bundles, well worth a look for a quick, cheap and effective upgrade.

The Funn Full On Handlebar and Stem Bundle could be the bike upgrade you need to completely rejuvenate your ride. Using a shorter stem and wider bars can give you much greater control in the rough, fast downhill sections and help to open up your lungs on those long, grueling climbs.

Picking a good combinations of bar, grips and stem can be tricky – and expensive – but it doesn’t have to be! There are some very budget friendly options out there, one of them being Funn. This manufacturer creates some great, high quality products that come in at a fairly low price tag – this bundle, for example, was less than £50!

Funn Full On Handlebar and Stem Bundle

Bundles are great, you tend to save money and you get products that you know work well together. This is especially important if you’re quite vain about your bike and you love it when all the colours match – I think most people are a little bit guilty of this.

The first thing you’ll notice is the huge amount of options available to you with this product.


The Funn Full On handlebars come in five different colours, three rises and three different widths! Unless you know what you enjoy this can be a bit tricky to choose from, however my experience has taught me that I like a low rise and that 800mm is far too wide for me, so I went with the 7mm rise and 785mm width. I also chose black as I wasn’t too sure the orange would match that of my Bird.

Funn Stem and Bars

Funn Funnduro stem is pretty much exactly what you’d expect from the name, designed for enduros with a 45mm or 60mm length option and five colours to match the Full On handlebars. I opted for the 45mm stem to give me more nimble handling and keep me centered beautifully over the top of the bike.

Funn WaffleFunn Combat Waffle grips complete the bundle, again in black and with a very secure bolt on feature at each end of the grip. You don’t get quite as many colour options here and why any manufacturer makes white grips is absolutely beyond me. Needless to say, black was the colour of choice again.

Funn Full On Bundle Review

As you may imagine, these parts all look the mutts nuts together. The colour is all spot on and it gives a very light, nimble and responsive feel to the front end of my bike. At around 630g for the whole set, it may not be the lightest of set ups, but it is incredibly strong and build to last, something that you can definitely feel in the quality of the parts.


These have now been on my bike for about 6 months and are quite battle torn, seen their fair share of DHs, all day rides, plenty of fast paced insanity and even some horrendous, gut wrenching climbing – so how have I found them?

Brilliant, is all I can say. They really are a fit and forget kind of set up, with the same sized bolts on the stem making any maintenance a simple task. Something I really like is that the bolts are nice and deep, giving you plenty of room to get your hex key in to apply the torque you need to keep it all in place.


I have had one crash that managed to knock the bars out of true with the wheel, but I also smashed my helmet and got a nasty gash under my eye so I can’t really complain too much about crooked bars here. I’ve also managed to scratch the paint work in a few places, but the overall look is still pretty plush.

The sweep and rise makes the ride very comfortable for me, keeping my front wheel well placed when hammering through the tough stuff – although my Mattoc has a lot to answer for in that respect. I’ve had no experience with the grips slipping under my hands (although they have worn quite significantly), bars bending or flexing and the overall conclusion is that this really is a great set up for the cash!


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