Review: DMR Deathgrip

If hold on and hope for the best is your approach to MTB then boy are these a treat for you!


With camouflage being all the rage this year, I naturally adorned my Bird Aeris with a set and headed out to shred!

DMR Deathgrip Review

The first thing I noticed was just how darn comfy these grips are! They are sticky enough that you know your hands won’t move but not so sticky that it feels like someone spilled Coca-Cola on your bars!


I almost felt guilty wearing gloves – and for many rides now I haven’t bothered.

DMR Deathgrip

There are three distinct grip patterns, all of which provide their own unique feel. These are:

  • The spikey main
  • The tubular upper
  • the stand out grid at the front

You get a huge amount of traction from these grips, your fingertips feel planted the palm of your hand is steadfast and your thumb and index finger feel cushioned.

After hours of testing/messing about in the Scottish mountains I felt almost no arm pump and – dare I say it – I even felt quicker! The Deathgrip really does give you a bit more confidence to stay off the brakes without feeling like you’re losing control.

Overall Opinion

I love these grips and I’d happily recommend them to anyone with a bit of a hooligan style of riding. There’s enough padding to get rid of some of the vibration from the trails, but not so much that it feels like you’re using pillows on your bars.

Coming in 4 different colours, there should be something for everyone although you’d need to want black, camo, gum or tango but for £14.00 from Chain Reaction Cycles you can’t go wrong!

One thought on “Review: DMR Deathgrip”

  1. I need some camo grips. Have some how managed to get a more addicted to this “colour” over the last year than a 10 year old boy!

    i tend not to wear gloves in the summer. My olive coloured Superstar grips (on my army green NS hardtail) are great even with sweaty hands. Might try some of these Deathgrips on my Vitus as the factory fitted ones need to come off and can get slippery with some drizzle or sweat.

    Especially if they are going make me go quicker!

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