Review: Birzman Mini Multi Tool

Well, the real name of this multi-tool is the Birzman  E-Version Mini Tools Basic 15 Functions Multi Tool but that sounds ever so slightly ridiculous, so I’ll just call it the mini multi-tool for this review.

First things first, this multi-tool is definitely small. It easily fits in the palm of your hand and is thin enough to be thrown into your pocket and completely forgotten about.


But don’t let its size fool you, this handy little contraption has everything you need to help you get home in one piece… Ish.

You’ve got all your standard hex keys, a little L-shaped fiddley one, T25 star key and a flat head and Phillips screwdriver. The real crowning glory of this tool is the chain breaker, which also has spoke tools inclused on it and could possibly be used as a tyre lever if you’re in a real pinch!


If you’re a little bit of a colour snob then you’re in luck, as this comes in a sleek silver or a ninja black (my description, not theirs).

Considering you can pick this up for just £18 from, pop it in your bag and forget about it until you need it. I’d say this is one hell of a tool!

Definitely a lot less fiddley and a fair bit more reliable than the similarly functional jobsworth spy gadget I reviewed a few months back. If you’re looking for a small tool for your quick, hour out the house rides then I’d definitely recommend this mini multi-tool! 

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