Product Review: Bionicon C.Guide V.02


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On 3rd April 2014
Last modified:16th May 2017


Looking for a lightweight, durable chain guide that won't break the bank? Here's our review of the Bionicon C.Guide V.02

Are you looking for a lightweight, hassle free chain guide does exactly what it says on the tin? Then check out the Bionicon C.Guide – it’s 20g, easy to fit and keeps your chain exactly where it should be! Thanks to its clever design it can be fitted to any type of bike, either by attaching to the gear cable or being mounted directly to the swingarm.

Bionicon C.Guide Review

IMG_0303Made out of an alloy body and durable plastic, this clever little gizmo is perfection in simplicity. When I first got my hands on it, I figured that the plastic casing would get worn through within a couple of rides – six months later though and it is still looking good. Granted there is a bit of obvious wear but nothing to be worried about just yet – this is after over 200 miles of pedalling! Luckily, when it does finally wear through you can pick up replacement relatively cheap.

Another huge benefit to this device, is that it comes in a wide range of colours – ideal for those of us who like our components to match the rest of our kit. The Bionicon C.Guide V.02 is the second version of this chain guide and it seems to have ironed out all the issues that cropped up with the V.01. At £35 this is a whole lot cheaper and easier to fit than a clutch mech, and takes even less time than constantly putting your chain back on.

Fitting the Bionicon C.Guide V.02

Sticking the C.Guide onto your bike is really easy. However, Bionicon don’t include any instructions for doing this, so if you’re struggling here’s a handy little picture guide to get you through:

How easy was that eh? Simple!


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