Product Review: Zipvit Energy & Recovery Pack

I recently received a rather lovely bundle from Zipvit giving me a wide range of nutritional products to test and so I packed up the car and decided to head to North Wales to give them a true trial. The first day’s test was an extremely enjoyable adventure up Snowdon, followed by a second day riding the MBR trail at Coed y Brenin – needless to say it was a fair bit of climbing.

To be honest I’m not a big believer in energy gels and other supplements, but I put my prejudiced behind me and loaded up my Camelbak  with the Zipvit offerings and headed on my way.

What’s in the Box?

Zipvit Energy GelYou get a whole lot of supplies for your money here, in the box you get:

  • 4 ZV7 Energy Gels
  • 2 ZVO Electrolyte Drinks
  • 2 ZV9 Protein Bars
  • 1 ZV8 Energy Bar
  • Elite Water Bottle
  • ZV Sport Racebelt
  • Months Supply of Omega 3

While you may not necessarily need ANOTHER water bottle or a racebelt, the rest of the items are absolutely essential if you’re having one hell of a riding weekend! Another perk is that they don’t taste bad either – well, the Blackcurrent one wasn’t great, but I’ve definitely taken worse!

Does Zipvit work?

Yes, for sure.Zipvit protein bar

I took two of the ZV7 energy gels going up and down Snowdon and I still felt great by the time I had exhausted myself climbing up and then shaking myself to death down the Ranger’s path. I was the pace setter going up and the leader of the pack coming down – part of this was fitness but I think that having the energy to keep going and prevent bonking was definitely an aspect of it.

When we eventually got down after a whopping 7 (yes, 7!) punctures on Telegraph valley, I scoffed down the protein bar – which was delicious – and then headed to the nearest pub for a well deserved pint!

Day 2 and I felt much better than I thought I would, with plenty of energy in me to do the full 18k MBR trail with enough left over to have a good hour or so playing around in the skills area. Had two more gels when going around the trail and then stopped in the cafe for some proper nosh.

I finished off the ride with another protein bar and then made the long windy drive back to South Wales. I’m not going to lie, by the time I got in I was shattered – something I’m contributing to the driving almost more than the riding. Needless to say, I think I’d have been in a much worse state by the time I got in than I would have been without the Zipvit stuff.


You can’t really go wrong with this energy and recovery pack – for just £10 you get an awful lot of bang for your buck, it tastes pretty good and it definitely works! I do wish that you could pick the flavours however, as I found the blackcurrant ones tasted a whole lot like medicine while the banana ones were delicious!

If you’ve got a big weekend of riding ahead of you then I’d definitely get one of these packs ordered in. Well worth it in my opinion!

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