Garmin Edge 810

Product Review: Garmin Edge 810

Garmin Edge 810I’ve used Garmin products for around 5 years now. In my car, on my bike, even when I’m out hiking – the reason is simple. These are generally very reliable computer systems that can help you get from A to B while tracking everything you do along the way.

Nowadays when it comes to cycling, tracking systems like Strava are absolute king. If you’re anything like me then you’ll find yourself constantly powering down the same hills just to inch your way closer and closer to that illustrious title of King of the Mountain. In my experience, using the GPS on phones tends to be flawed – often getting inaccurate readings or simply cutting out on crucial points.

That’s where the Garmin systems come in!

The Garmin Edge 810 was launched at the beginning of 2013 along with the 510 model – the biggest difference between the two is the 810 offers navigation, perfect for those long Sunday rides when you’re not entirely sure where you’re going.

Thanks to the ingenious ANT+ protocol you can connect the 810 up to heart monitors, power meters and the like to really show how much output you’re producing.  There is also a handy Bluetooth ability that lets you sync the computer up to your smart phone and use features such as live tracking, weather updates and the ability to upload your ride through Garmin Connect.

Ease of use

Setting up the 810 is very simple, thanks to its improved interface system that allows you to select up to ten different bike types – great for people who dabble in both road and mountain biking. Alternatively, if you have ten bikes that are different weights, have longer crank lengths or even a different wheel geometry then Garmin’s system lets you update it to produce different data – clever or what?


If you’re not already running a computer then the 810 is a great place to start. It is an ideal size letting you mount it directly on your bars without it getting in the way, or simply popping it in your pocket/ bag before you head out. Unfortunately these computers aren’t the cheapest thing around, but if you have a little scout around the internet you can pick them up for as little as £260, but expect to see them at around the £350 mark. If your phone is constantly dying when you’re out on your bike or you find yourself being lost more often than not then the Garmin Edge 810 will undoubtedly be the best money you’ve ever spent.

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