Product Review: Blackspire Direct Mount Chain Guide


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On 15th January 2014
Last modified:16th May 2017


This little chain guide is a lot of bang for your buck - it performs perfectly at a bargain price!

We’ve previously reviewed a bashring from Blackspire call the Ring God and because it was so bloody good we decided to give their direct mount chain guide a go! The reason I needed this was simple: I recently decided to turn my Camber into a single up front and despite the Single Ring from RaceFace being great it needed a little help. You can get yourself a BlackSpire Direct Mount Chain Guide here.

Direct Mount Chain Guide

IMG_20140111_162729There are a variety of guides out there. If you’re lucky you can get ones that simply clamp to your seat tube, while others need mount to your frame – these are amazingly easy to fit and wonderfully cheap. Anybody with a more downhill/ freeride centred frame will know that there are bolts that allow you to mount this near the BB, slightly more expensive but easy to find. Specialized however, do things a bit differently.

The seat tube on the Camber is large and chunky, no way for an easy clamp there and I also don’t have the BB bolts on the frame. This means I had to find one that would bolt on exactly where the front mech was. This, I can assure you is not easy. After a couple of hours searching I only had a handful of options, so I chose Blackspire and I haven’t looked back yet!

Fit and Performance

IMG_0386Fitting the chain guide was easy, it slotted in place like it was made to fit and only requires two bolts to hold it on. The first thing that shocked me was just how light it is, now I’m not a weight junky but this was significantly lighter than my front mech. Secondly, it is made out of both metal and hard plastic – both of which seem to be very sturdy. Finally, it came with plenty of washers which made it really easy to adjust just how far out you needed it to sit.

Since installing the chain guide I have had absolutely zero chain drops. It works brilliantly with the RaceFace single ring and hardly makes a sound as the chain whizzes though it. I’ve been out on several rides with it, including some very rocky downhill and it’s performed beautifully. My biggest fear was that it would get clogged up with mud, but again this hasn’t happened so far which is great news!


chainguideI’ve been very happy with this purchase, it came in at just £35 which is amazing value for how well it performs. There are several other mounts out there that I was considering but Blackspire tipped it with the price and I’m glad they did. You even have several colour options available to you, which is always great for you colour coordinated lot! If you’re in need of a new chain guide I’d definitely give this a go, it delivers phenomenal performance at a price that doesn’t break the bank – a huge 5/5 for us and a big GG thumbs up!

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