Peaty's Deer Dar

Peaty’s Dee-Dar – What? Why?

Sometimes things hit the market and you have to wonder why they been made. Then you see other things and have to vocalise your feelings, this normally sounds like “what the fuck!” Peaty’s Dee-Dar is one of those things…

Peaty's Dee-Dar

Peat’s Dee-Dar – What is it?

It’s a silcon valve cap that you just push onto the valve or give it a quick tug and it’ll come off in your hands – it also happens to look like a tiny sex toy, which opens it up to a world of jokes. It saves you approximately 1 second per wheel if you use valve caps and wastes 0.3 seconds if you don’t.

Why would you use Peaty’s Dee-Dar?

Steve Peat is a pretty awesome bloke, so why wouldn’t you want something he’s had a hand in on your bike? More seriously though, I guess you don’t have to take your gloves off to get to the valve if you get a flat – which might work out well for anyone who hasn’t gone tubeless yet.

The ONLY perk I can see to the Dee-Dars is that it can add a nice bit of colour to your wheels which, coincidently, is exactly why they’ve stayed on my bike for this long.

Would I ever buy them? Probably not, but I’ll happily have them if it comes free with some of Uberbike‘s other awesome products!


2 thoughts on “Peaty’s Dee-Dar – What? Why?”

  1. I bought some! I’ve over tightened Presta caps and they have split, I have also dropped them on the trail side or on my patio and either lost them or wasted frustrating minutes searching for them. I would bet there are dozen of Presta caps in the cracks in my patio 🙂

    1. Well, somebody’s got to buy them I guess! I never have caps on my valves at all because I typically lose them somewhere

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