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How Much Does Mountain Biking Cost?

Newbies often get put off by the price of mountain bikes, as you’re almost certainly looking at over £1,000 for a decent quality rig. The thing you really need to remember here is that you really do pay for what you get.

The best way to look at it is comparing it to buying a car: If you buy a £10,000 car you won’t be surprised that it’s not as fast as a £100k sports car or as good off-road as a £60k Range Rover. It’s almost the exact same with bikes, if you buy a cheap bike from Halfords for less than £200 don’t be surprised when things start to break after taking it to your local trail centre. Bikes that have been built to handle the abuse of being thrown down muddy trails and flung off ledges and roost around berms are going to be more expensive than those designed simply to ride to the shops.

How much does mountain biking cost?

Think about your budget, if you can afford a £1,600 bike, chances are it’ll be almost £600 better than something you picked up for £1,000. That means you’ll spend less money when it comes to upgrading components in order to make it better – which as a mountain biker you’ll undoubtedly do!

What’s the best bike for my money?

Honestly, what do people expect when they ask this? Well we’re all riding these bikes which are £2,000 but actually there is BRANDX which is only £600 but it has all the same components and its actually way better than anything else made. EVER.

There is no secret, amazing, we-can’t-tell-the-newbies bike out there. YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET. Here is where you do start delving into brand-lovers, for example I love Specialized and Kona bikes because the ones I’ve owned have been awesome. Someone who’s just ridden Trek or Giant will tell you that’s the bike you must have. Truth be told they are all the same (not exactly the same but more or less). If you buy a £2,000 bike from Giant it’ll be just as good as the same spec model that Specialized make – obviously if they’re both in the same category that is.

Do your research!

The best thing to do here is do a bit of research, look at full bike reviews and component reviews. Read up on what the professionals and the everyday riders think, then make your own decision. Buy the bike that you like the look of that is in the category of the type of riding you want to do. There really is no right and wrong, there’s lots of preferences but for that you can always check out our list of easy upgrades. You may as well check out that link anyway as you’re bound to change things no matter how much you spend on a bike!

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