What’s your best #MTBPic?

This week we decided to throw a #MTBPic challenge on Twitter.

We saw some really good entries for the best #MTBPic, with lots of different variations of what is fantastic about mountain biking. Last weekend we took this photo:

This is probably the best photo that I’ve taken while out on a bike ride, mainly because they are all taken on iPhones and also in part to me not being all that bothered to take pictures before. Having said that though I’ve now realised just how inspiring a great #MTBPic can be, not only in making people aware of the sport but encouraging those who already ride to get out and shred it! That’s why we’ve decided to run a Grinding Gears #MTBPic challenge every week, encouraging you guys to show off your local areas, awesome bikes and amazing skills in pictures.

This week’s winner of #MTBPic was @MTBNorthWales

Their stunning snowy Snowdon photo was not only incredibly impressive, but it saw the best reaction from any of those that entered. It isn’t difficult to see why! Here’s the winning photo and a gallery of our runner ups:

#MTBPic runners up:


Thanks for the pictures from: @MTBNorthWales @Welshkayaking @Philip_Brown_87 @TheNuclearRaces @PureMountains

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