Video: A Weekend in Wales

Any of our regular readers will know that here at Grinding Gears we love mtbing in Wales. There are a million and one reasons why, exactly. However rather than tell you, we’ll show you. Here is a fantastic video that shows some of the best secret locations in Wales…

Mountain Biking Weekend in Wales

A weekend in Wales a Mountain Biking video by willsandersproductions

Here you can see just what variety is on offer for mountain bikers, from the loamy tracks around Betws y Coed, to the renowned Dyfi forest. It isn’t just a downhiller’s paradise, there are trails and tracks scattered all over the country to satisfy every type of mountain biker.

Some of the best trail centres in the UK can be found in Wales, however its the stuff that we keep to ourselves that really make it an MTB paradise. The scenery, the gradients, the technicality – its all there, you just have to go out and find it, and that really is where the fun starts. It’s all good and well rocking up to a trail centre and following the signs, but we believe that mountain biking is about exploring – and that’s why the Weekend in Wales video is so good. You can see just what is on offer once you get off the beaten track and start finding routes and creating your own paths.

weekend in wales

If you’re planning a mountain biking weekend away then Wales is definitely a destination that should be high on your list. There are so many different biking destinations that you could easily cram four different locations into one weekend. Make sure you plan ahead though and try to figure out bike routes before you get there – otherwise you may be pedalling around all weekend on footpaths and sheep trails!

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