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On 16th October 2013
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Looking for a bright, internal-battery bike light? The Lezyne Mega Drive could be the product you've been looking for:

The nights are drawing in and the clocks are set to go back soon, so the only sure-fire way to get the miles in this winter is with a good set of bike lights. We recently received some Lezyne Mega Drive lights from Global Bike to review, so we tested them out in dark, wet Wales!

First Impressions

As soon as I opened the box I noticed just how good looking the Lezyne Mega Drive is. Its sculpted aluminium body is sleek and stylish, giving it a look like something straight out of a Bond film. It is all self-contained, so no external battery packs or any additional wires! The manufacturer claim that the Mega Drive produces around 1000 lumen, and we have no reason to believe otherwise – it is nice and bright!

The Components

I’m very impressed with the handlebar mount – the aluminium build and tool-less installation appealed greatly for ease of use. Many lights I’ve seen have been great but failed when it comes to having a sturdy mount. While this was by far one of the best I’ve seen (not plastic or rubber band based) it was still lacks in one area: the grip. After seeing that it clearly wouldn’t fit on the DMR Wingbars I decided to try it on my thicker Specialized XC low-rise, however the purchase was still pretty slack – even right next to the stem! So I did what any good mountain biker would do I improvised! I found a couple of shims that I had in my handy box of bike bits and managed to fit the mount directly on the centre of my Wingbars, nice and snug.

The Test Ride

I took the Lezyne Mega Drive out to Wyllie Bike Park for a complete and thorough run, testing it through a variety of terrains. Thanks to my improvised shims there was no bouncing or shifting of the light while moving, even in the rougher downhill sections where I would expect it – I have to admit that the aluminium mount probably had a large part to do with that it! The light has good distance and a wide spread in each of the settings, and after comparing it with some other lights I would argue that this is actually brighter than the specified 1000 lumen.


I ran the Lezyne on full blast for a good 1h45m without experiencing any dimming or suddenly switching off. After returning home I manage to run it for a further 45 mins until it finally packed it in, which it did slowly by dropping down to lower settings in order to prolong the battery life. In total then the battery lasted for a good 2 1/2 hours before it dimmed and then died. The death is very sudden, if you let it dim then you can get another half hour or so in, but after that it will simply turn off leaving you in pitch black halfway through a run if you’re unlucky! One huge bonus we’ve found with these lights is that you can get Lezyne replacement battery packs which can increase the time you’re out on the trails indefinitely!

Look into the light

To get a good idea of the level of brightness and spread you get from this light here is a handy side by side comparison at all three of the light’s settings. Note: I didn’t include flashing in this although the light does have the capability. 



This light isn’t just bright with a great battery life, but it looks like it can take a knock or two – something you desperately need when mountain biking in the dark! It coped very well with the water and mud of Wyllie which is something that Lezyne should be very proud of!


Overall I’ve been very impressed with this light, it gave excellent visibility with good spread and distance and what’s more it’s an absolute steal at £164 – but Global Bike are currently selling the 2013 Mega Drive model even cheaper at £120! Even better! For value for money, batter life, performance and looks it is something I would definitely use again and recommend to friends – don’t be defeated by winter, get one for yourself and shred even in the darkest days of the season.

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