HT Component ANS06 Pedals

HT Components ANSO6 Pedal Review


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On 13th August 2017
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A great, robust and reliable pedal that offers excellent grip and a sturdy platform - also available in a range of colours!

Pedals are an interesting thing. Some people swear by clipless and for others it’s flat forever.  If you’re of the flat forever mentality then you have got to try out a set of these HT Component ANSO6 pedals.

The ANS06 – besides being a very catchy name – sits in the middle of HT Components price range at between £59 – 65 depending on where you buy them from. In terms of performance though, I’d argue that they have an even more “premium” feel than this price tag suggests. For those who regularly ride flats, they’re very comparable to the Superstar Nano X, but I’d argue they’re far more durable with less requirements for bearing change and far fewer battle scars from pedal strikes.

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HT Component ANS06 Pedals

With a thin yet wide platform, this pedal feels great under foot – with enough room to give you a solid platform, but not so much that you’re wondering where exactly you need to place your size nines. Combine this with easily replaceable pins and a range of colours I think these HT pedals have enough about them to challenge even the DMR Vaults.

While they aren’t quite as cheap as Superstar’s offering, I’d argue they look a whole lot nicer and so far seem to be lasting longer. With the Nanos I had to replace the bearings at least twice a year and if the thread packs up with grit then those pedals are done for. I also found the axels on the Superstar pedals a bit flimsy and have bent more than one just doing normal trail riding – the HT component pedals seem a lot more robust making them better value for money. Being robust does come with its drawbacks however, as these pedals aren’t the lightest around – especially for their price tag, sitting at around 350g. That said, an extra couple of grams is probably the only thing I can complain about with these pedals!

I’ve been riding these all winter and they’re still going strong and spinning silently. I’ve had to replace a few pedal pins due to rocks, but that is a very simple job and there’s a range of pin lengths available which is great if you want bloodier shins… I mean more grip! Basically, for under a fiver you can basically make it feel like you’ve got brand new pedals!

Would I recommend them? Yes. Yes I would. Your feet are stuck to the pedals like glue, they’re light, durable and not that expensive. What’s not to love really?

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HT Component ANS06 Pedals
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