Grinding Gears’ New Bike! The Bird Aeris

I’ve been needing a new bike for a while and after seeing the stunning Bird Aeris featured in a few magazines and from following them on social media I decided that I absolutely had to test one out. Luckily for me, you can take one out for the day at Forest of Dean – a trail that I know well, so I could get the best understanding of how the bike handles compared to others.

Bird Aeris Demo Day at FoD

My initial impressions were incredible. The bike was so balanced, provided with a great spec and it handled like an absolute dream. I did think that being so long and slack that I would struggle on the climbs, however it went up nearly as well (but not quite as fun) as it went down. I actually climbed the entire uplift road – something I previously hadn’t done before!

Bird Aeris Yellow

After a morning of flying around Freeminers and Verderers, I decided to really open her up on the downhills.


This was the point when I realised that I absolutely had to own a Bird Aeris! This bike rails berms, floats over bumps and flies with a precision that can make even the most basic riders feel like they’re Greg Minnaar!

Buying the Aeris Frame

I’m a tinkerer. I always change up parts on any bike I buy as stock until there’s very little left of the original bike. That’s why I decided to buy the Aeris frame rather than any of their brilliantly priced builds. It’s always been an ambition of mine to build up a complete bike, so I took the Aeris Frame and threw together a (slightly) budget conscious list of performance parts for my build.

For those who care about weight, the Bird Aeris frame weight is just 3kg without the shock (size medium) – add the Rockshox Monarch RT3 into the mix and that takes it up to around 3.25kg – or a fraction over 7lbs for those of you who are that way inclined. I haven’t weighed it up as a full build, but I think its around the 13kg mark.

Bird Aeris

My end result was this:

Click through on any of these parts for a further review – I’ll add more to it the longer I ride it!

Bird Aeris2

Initial Review of the Bird Aeris

This is going to be my new test bike, so expect plenty of Bird Aeris reviews to pop up here but for initial impressions, this bike is amazing. Value for money – even more so building it myself – excellent handling, amazing geometry – long, low and slack – designed to be abused!

Currently I’ve done an entire day on the bike 10am-7pm, several trail centres, plenty of local trails, a couple uplift days at Bike Park Wales so you know that this bike will truly be put to the test! This may be my bike that I’ve forked out my hard earned cash out for, but I’m going to try and remain as objective as possible to give you an honest review.

Bird AerisAJ0P1731-(ZF-2220-91779-1-001)

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