Full Year: Continental Mountain King II Review

About a year ago I changed my tyres to the Continental Mountain King II

I have to be honest, my first impressions were not great you can read that review here. However, after having them on my bike for a year my attitude towards them has changed a little. First of all, you can’t argue with the price – I mean a new set of rubbers for under £40? Who’s arguing with that!

Continental Mountain King II

In order to make this review as easy as possible to understand I’m going to break it down into pros and cons:

Full Continental Mountain King II Review


  • Great grip in dry and wet conditions
  • Light enough for XC
  • Strong enough for trails
  • Fast rolling
  • Firm in the corners
  • Good responsive steering in most conditions


  • Running low pressures often results in punctures
  • Prone to thorny punctures
  • The 2.2 actually measures 2.0
  • Sticky mud and clay seriously cakes up

Conti Mountain King II

Conclusion on this MTB tyre:

Anybody who frequently reads these reviews will know that at Grinding Gears we like our products to be amazing and affordable, and at under £20 on MTBMonster.com that’s exactly what you get with the Continental Mountain King II. If you ride an assortment of trails in every weather condition then you really can’t go wrong with this tyre. Overall I give this tyre a solid ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7/10) the pros definitely outweigh the cons with this tyre – having said that, if I was to buy this tyre again I’d dish out the extra cash for the “Black Chili Protection” version.


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