Review: Fox Clothing Flexair Long Sleeve Moth Jersey SS17


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On 14th May 2017
Last modified:29th May 2017


The Fox Flexair Moth Jersey is a lightweight, breathable summer top that's build for performance on the bike.

Fox Clothing has brought out a new lightweight, breathable and quick drying jersey for 2017, with the incredibly catchy name of the Fox Flexair Long Sleeve Moth… yeah, there’s a reason why nobody actually talks about these things out loud.

Before we start, you should know that Wheelies gave me this top to review, but as always my review will be completely honest about the product.

There are two colours of this jersey on offer, a bright blue and an even brighter yellow. Cameras can’t seem to capture just how bright this yellow is – it makes my reflective Endura helmet look dull! The other colour is a more understated dark green (so I’ve been told, it looks black but apparently it’s not) with copper highlights.

With a long heritage in making mountain bike specific clothing, protection and components, here’s how I found Fox’s new offering with the Flexair Moth jersey.

Initial Impressions of the Fox Flexair Moth Jersey

At £70, this is by no means a cheap jersey – it’s meticulously designed to offer peak performance, lightweight materials, almost unlimited flexibility and – of course – to make you look like a total badass when you’re out on the trails. There aren’t any pockets or built-in glasses wipes that I’ve found really handy on similarly priced jersys – then again I don’t think I’ve ever worn anything quite as lightweight as this on a mountain bike.

Getting the jersey on was more of a struggle than I’d like to admit. The sleeves have a cuff on them that is incredibly small – so much so that getting my relatively normal sized hands through them was difficult. It actually took me two attempts the first time because I was wondering if I hadn’t taken off some stitching, but after an examination and a bit of stretchig it appears that Fox has just made them that way.

The rest of the fit is very atheltic – hugs the body nicely and the cuffs stop any excess material on the arms flapping around in the wind. It’s a long enough fit to nicely cover your arse when flying down the trails but not so long that it feels like you’re wearing a dress.

I was taken back by the sheer number of ventilation holes in this top and the size of them – the whole top is perforated, with larger holes on the side pannels and really big ones across the chest where the Fox logo is.

Fox Clothing Flexair Moth Jersey

There’s no mistaking it, is is definitely a dry weather, summer jersey.

Fox Flexair Moth Jersey SS17 Review

It’s so comfortable and breathable that it feels like you’re not wearing anything on the trails.

How durable is the Fox Moth Jersey?

My only gripe would be durability – several rides in and I’ve noticed that there’s a fair few pulled threads and tears where I’ve come into contact with branches and thorns. Due to this I’d say this is more of a jersey that’s tailored for bike parks and DH trails rather than anyone looking to wear it around local trails or for adventuring.

If you’re looking for an awesome looking jersey for blasting around in during the summer and you want to keep the sun off your arms then this could well be the jersey for you.


You can get one all for yourself right here.

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