Product Review: Fluxient Bike Light

Are you a night rider? Do you want to be?

If, like me, you slave away in an office all day and your only real chances of getting out are in the evenings or on weekends and holidays, then you’ve probably thought to invest in a decent bike light to make the most of your evening rides.


Fluxient-LightFor the last year I’ve been using the Fluxient 3xU2 3000 Lumen Bike Light on all my night rides. The Fluxient bike light has seen me through a range of conditions, from casual jaunts down Swansea’s coastal bike path, to manic mashes through some woody, muddy and rocky trails and even a couple of late night cross country treks.

How I found the Fluxient Bike Light

There’s a common saying with bike parts, “buy cheap, buy twice.” And anybody who’s looked into buying bike lights knows that the price of lights varies drastically! You can pick up some cheap Chinese lights for a tenner and hope they work or you could fork out over £300 for these Light and Motion Seca, however finding the middle ground seems to be difficult. Many manufacturers make two kinds of models, the type that will burn out your retinas and the type that will let people see you… maybe.

Finding the middle ground

What I was ideally looking for was something that came in at a decent budget – say around £150 – and had enough light to let me easily see the trail ahead of me! I toyed with a few options including the Hope Vision 1 (figured I’d need to buy two to make a different), the Nite Rider Luminar (Battery life too short) and the Nite Rider Minewt (Didn’t seem bright enough). In the end I found the Fluxient bike light 3xU2 (really catchy name) which bragged a staggering 3000 Lumen, something I genuinely doubted at time of purchase.

About the Fluxient bike light 3xU2

I bought this light thinking it was a budget option and that I’d probably be collecting on the 2 year warranty, but exactly the opposite has happened. I went out with guys who were using a variety of lights and the Fluxient bike light pretty much outshone them all – not at the same time though! Make no mistake, this light is super bright!

Light1-720x963Fluxient claims that you can get anywhere between 2.7 hours all the way to 10 hours of light from their 8800 mAh waterproof battery pack, but I’ve easily ridden around with the beams on full for about 4-5 hours with no sign of it losing power.

Unlike most other lights, the Fluxient bike light has a clever little colour changing bit on the back of the light. When the battery is in good health it is blue, like in the photo to the right, but when it starts running low this changes to being orange. Now, before you argue that I’m too easily pleased think about other lights you’ve seen. How many of them have a device like this? Not a lot. Most of them tell you when they are running out because the light dips down really low, most likely when you’re halfway through a run.

Fitting to your bike

My one major bug bear with this light is the mount – first of all you can only attach it to your handlebars, no helmet option available that I’ve seen; secondly the whole thing is pretty cheap plastic which doesn’t make it secure and finally there are rubber shims to make it fit your bars but none of these seem to have been the right size for my bars! This means they can often be prone to slipping or coming off all-together, which can be extremely dangerous when bombing down a run at 30mph+ as the force is not THAT strong with me!

Overall conclusion

For the money the Fluxient bike light is fantastic, I’ve given it a hell of a lot of testing over the last year. It has seen rain, mud, dust, cold conditions and a bit of the heat and it’s still going strong! It comes as standard with a 2 year warranty but (touch wood) I don’t think I’m going to need it. This is definitely one of the brightest lights around with a super long lasting battery pack as standard with the only thing letting it down being the mount.

Overall the Fluxient gets ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7/10) – If you’re on a budget and are looking for an excellent light to get you through those night rides I’d definitely suggest giving this a go! The mount seriously lets these lights down, you can do a bit of DIY to give you a stronger more efficient part but really I’d like to see helmet options coming with it.


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