Best Places to Buy Fat Bikes in the UK

So, you’ve decided to give in and buy a fat bike? While they may not be the most practical of bikes they sure are a lot of fun to bundle down trails on, so who can blame you? Because these type of bikes are still very new, it can be hard to get your hands on one – here’s everywhere we’ve found to buy fat bikes in the UK.

 Top Places to Buy Fat Bikes

On-One Fattyfrom Planet X £999.

The On’One Fatty is one of the most well known fat bikes out there, and it comes from a supplier that most people have heard of. It is a very good looking bike as far as fatties go and has had some brilliant reviews across the board. For a bike at a penny under £1,000 you’re treated to some pretty awesome specs too – definitely one of the cheapest fat bikes out there at the moment.

Genesis Cariboufrom Genesis £1500

Caribou fat bikeThe aptly named Caribou is a barrel of laughs and can help you to easily conquer the deep snow that the UK sees once ever 20 years or so. Saying that it could be hugely beneficial to get through all the mud and swamps that the constant rain seems to bring with it. If you’re after a fun fat bike with great specs then the Genesis could just be the answer to your fat bike prayers!

Charlie the Bike Mongerfrom Charlie £1,500 – £5,600


If it is a selection of fat bikes you’re after then head over to Charlie the Bike Monger. There’s a great choice of fatties available and plenty of parts and frames if you decided you wanted to build your own. There’s a good selection of Surley and Salsa bikes, as well as a BikeMonger special adaption kit – that’s right you could stick a fat bike tyre on your 29er!




Slam69 bikes from £1,500 – £2,800 range here.

Carbon Fat BikeSlam69 is an awesome site for bringing some of the coolest bikes to the UK – one of the reasons I like Slam so much is because they stock the Dartmoore range. However, you’ll probably love them for their selection of awesome fat bikes at a great price.

They are one of two UK stockists we can find of the Salsa 2014 Carbon Beargrease Fatbike – yes a carbon fat bike! And it comes with SRAM XX1 – this bike is probably better than your regular mountain bike!

Tritonfrom £1,200 to £4,200 available here.

fatbikes2Triton have everything from a roadies wet dream to downhill bikes for the adrenaline junkies, they even have a great selection of fat bikes! Including bikes from Charge, Surley and Salsa. They have a wide selection of mid-range fat bikes on offer here, with the average price at around £1,500. Mentioned above we said that Slam69 were one of two stockists of the carbon fiber fat bike, well Triton is the other!




Evans Cycles from £1,200 to £2,500

Surprisingly, there aren’t many big bike sellers in the UK that have fat bikes in stock. This is probably due to lack of demand in the market, however Evans Cycles have a selection for you to choose from. We particularly like the look of the Kona Wo which seems as though it would power through absolutely anything you can throw at it.

Evans also have the Fatboy Expert on sale in their shop, which is something we haven’t been able to find anywhere else in the UK – so if you love your Specialized bikes then this could be a great shout for you!

Go Outdoors- from £579.99

CalibreGo Outdoors has been dabbling in the bike market for the last couple of years and they’ve recently brought out the Calibre Dune Fat Bike at a very budget price! If you have a discount card you can buy this bike for just £579.99 otherwise it’s a penny under £700, and you get free delivery to anywhere in the UK, not bad if you’re looking for a starter fat bike. It’s currently untested, so I can’t tell you how well it holds up but the spec list looks good for what it is and at this price point you can’t complain too much!

Leisure Lake Bikes – from £699 – £5,500


From the budget-friendly Charge Cooker all the way to the fully carbon Specialized S-Works Fatboy, Leisure Lakes Bikes has a great range of fat bikes in the UK. With branches all across the country, this is a good option for many aspiring fatties as you have a good selection for any budget and can go and test them out for yourself relatively easily.

Other Places to Buy Fat Bikes in the UK

As Suggested by  @BeerBikers: Sideways Cycles and EdsBikes.
Both Sideways and Eds have a great range of fat bikes for you to choose from, including 9:Zero:7, Borealis, Salsa and Surley – definitely a great place to go if you aren’t 100% sure what bike you’re after. Plus, both are local bike shops so you’ll be helping out the little guys!

Know anywhere else you can buy a fat bike from in the UK? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list!


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