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On 10th November 2013
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This lightweight plastic bash guard comes in at just 90g and can handle hits pretty well, however it isn't quite as strong as it's metal counterparts.

Replacing your third ring with a bash guard is one of the cheapest, easiest and quickest changes you can make to allow you to take on a more aggressive riding style. Bash guards stop you from damaging your chain and rings on any logs, rocks or other solid object that you come into contact with. However, there are a huge variety of these guards out there, so what do you go for?







We gave the Blackspire Ring God the full Grinding Gears test, here’s how we found it:

Blackspire Ring God Review

The reason we chose the ring god was simple, it’s cheap – coming in at under £25 – and Blackspire have a very good reputation for making components, therefore quality can be assumed. This type of ring is very easy to fit, simply bolt into the middle ring and crank arm and you’re good to go! Your front derailer may take a bit of indexing, although depending on your components you may just be able to click it into a 2 ring setting.

First impressions of the Ring God were very good, it was a nice hard plastic that combines looks and practicality brilliantly. It has managed to take a good couple of whacks without having too much surface damage – no paint flaking that you get with metal components and no rough impact areas either. Blackspire Ring God

Longevity of this component?

Like most things on a bike that are constantly being thrown in harm’s way, bash guards don’t usually last for very long – especially not when you’re taking big hits over and over again. The Ring God finally split after around 10 months of hard riding, taking it’s final smash at Bike Park Wales in a rather fitting manner. The way it broke was pretty spectacular – with fractures along two of the bolt points that made the chainring wobble and eventually the whole thing just came apart, here’s the damage when it started: Ring God


This is a great, quality bash ring that does exactly what it says on the tin. It can handle a lot of abuse and when it finally does crack it doesn’t do too much damage to the rest of your components. Frankly the Ring God is a solid piece of machinery that will compete with the best of them when it comes to good-looks, durability and cost. At £25 or less you really can’t expect to get better for your cash, making it much easier all around if and when you have to fork out for a replacement after some seriously hard riding.

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