Guest Post: Action Camera Reviews

Guest Post written by Tom C over at Pro Action Cameras. Tom has a lot of experience working in the industry and has thrown together these two action camera reviews to help you find an alternative to the GoPro that has completely saturated the market. The cameras he has chosen to review are the RePlay XD and the DogCam Bullet HD2, both of which are designed to fit well to your helmet and get great footage of your ride, here’s more:

RePlay XD 1080 Action Camera (£229.95)

Replay_XD1080_Action_CameraThe guys over at RePlay have managed to give this small and simple camera a huge punch. Despite the camera’s size, it boasts being able to record in full HD 1080p. The design has been kept simple by just having a Start/Stop and ON/OFF buttons, making this awesome piece of tech very easy to use.Thanks to the the size of the Replay XD 1080 you can mount it onto your helmet and not even realise it.

The LowBoy Mount, which is Replay’s lowest profile mount, allows you to rotate your lens by a full 360 degrees, enabling your camera to see what you see. Replay also spent a lot of time obsessing over the audio quality of this camera, and when you watch your footage back, you can see just how and where the time was spent. The sound quality of this camera is truly fantastic and allows you to relive your best moments flying down the trails. Talking about the footage quality, the Replay’s lens has been designed in such a way that even the bumpiest terrain will have a hard time distorting the quality of the image.

Now, for the part that makes this either a great camera for mountain biking… the toughness! This camera is water-resistant, and made from highly rugged aluminum housing so it is able to go with you on even your most extreme adventures, taking absolutely anything you throw at it.

DogCam Bullet HD2 Bullet Camera (£199.94)

DogCam_Bullet_HD_2_Helmet_CameraMy other favourite is the DogCam Bullet HD2 this helmet camera, despite being cheaper than the Replay camera, does give a great alternative if you are looking to spend less than £200. The DogCam Bullet HD2 is the smallest and lightest full HD 1080p camera available on the market today, and comes with its own software letting you produce the highest quality video and audio possible.

The DogCam’s settings allow you to control the brightness, contrast, saturation, resolution, frame rate and microphone sensitivity so you can get the best video possible… whatever the conditions! Weighing in at just over 61g you will never be able to feel it weighing down on your helmet. Not only is it very light, but it is only 84mm in length and 23mm in diameter.

Just like the RePlay, this camera is very tough thanks to being constructed from anodized aluminum, making it shockproof and waterproof down to 10 metres. Although lets hope you don’t have to worry about losing your camera in 10 metres of water when on your bike! The most unique point of this action camera is that it has been developed in association with Formula One engineers, so you can be sure it is able to withstand extreme vibration.

Both of these action cameras allow you to have even more fun on your bike, and let you to show off your skills to your friends and upload your videos to the internet. Who knows you may start up a fan base you never thought you would have. This is a very small sample of the type of cameras available on the market, with such a wide variety of products in different sizes, specs and prices available. So, there really is nothing in the way of every avid mountain biker getting one of these little gadgets clipped to their helmet or handlebars, and being able to enjoy all of their adventures again and again.

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