About Grinding Gears

Our philosophy is very simple. We want the best quality products without having to fork out ridiculous amounts of money for it. The only thing worse than paying pennies for something that doesn’t work is paying a fortune for things that are just as good as something half the price.

Grinding Gears is for the Weekend Warriors.
Grinding Gears is for every mountain biker.
Grinding Gears is for you.

IMG_0257We may not have the flashiest bikes or use gear that professionals would be jealous of, but we know how to hunt out a bargain. Everyone who writes for us is a through-and-through mountain biker – some have ridden for years, others are relatively new to the sport.

How did GG start?

Like most of you, we’ve been following all the major mountain bike publications for years. Drooling over the glossy pictures of bikes and parts that cost half a years salary. While everyone loves a good bit of bike porn, we wanted to hear about things we could afford. Price tags that were in the hundreds, not thousands. We wanted to hear from people who ride as a hobby, not a living. We wanted impartial, honest reviews, not sales spiel from manufacturers. So, we decided to take on this challenge.

Putting everything to the test

IMG_0227Based in South Wales, we have some of the best MTB trails in the UK to ensure that everything gets a thorough test, leaving you safe in the knowledge that it won’t fail as soon as you hit some tricky sections. Wherever possible we try to give all our gear a 6month or one year review – showing you where the wear-and-tear will occur and giving you a completely honest opinion of how they would do. Best of all, almost everything we test is affordable – in fact, we’ve turned down dozens of offers to test products simply due to the price.

Reaching over 20,000 unique readers

Since we launched the website in the summer of 2013 we’ve received over 20,000 unique readers, with a strong community of regular readers and contributors. If you would like to get your products in front of a massive mountain bike community, with over 500 views a week, then get in touch with us at Editor@GrindingGears.co.uk.

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  1. Morning folks…Have just found your site on the net & wow..common-sense MTB site..well done for producing a web-site without all the frills & expense that seems to ooze from U.S.sites. I’m part of a group that stay in Thailand over the UK winter months..great riding, low-cost spares/accessories..& no farmers shouting “Get off my f*****g laaaand!”..we ride through pineapple fields, rubber plantations, temple grounds..so,so unrestricted..great mix for XC, DH, or just family scenic rides..plus shanty-style shops are EVERYWHERE..so water/chocolate top-ups are no problem..ha! Best ones to you all..Chris.

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