20 Clear Signs You’re Addicted to Mountain Biking

Are you addicted to mountain biking? If you’re here then my guess is that you probably are, here are 20 dead giveaways that you’re addicted – how many do you tick?

20. You have more pictures of your bike than anything else on your phone


19. Your social media feed is nothing but bikes

social media

18. Your web browsing history looks a bit like this:

browsing history

17. Can you remember the last non-bike related thing you bought?


16. Even your non-biking clothes have bikes on them


15. You don’t even feel bad ditching your friends to go and ride


14. Actually, the majority of your friends are on their bikes with you!


13. You’ve left the pub early so you can catch quiet trails in the morning


12. You’ve been on a mountain biking holiday


11. More than once you’ve had to stop yourself mid conversation because you realise the other party doesn’t care about bikes as much as you.


10. Your bike costs more than your car.


9. Sleeping with your bike in the bedroom is a normal thing to do.


8. Mud is everywhere, all the time.

7. You’re basically a pro at getting grease off your hands.


6. You’ve replaced pretty much everything your bike came with as stock.

A small selection of what's been changed in the last year...
A small selection of what’s been changed in the last year…

5. You own more than one bike and it still isn’t enough, n+1 you cruel mistress!

The sales reps don't help!
The sales reps don’t help!

4. You show everyone your Strava times or ride distance or altitude gain.

Strava or it didn't happen apparently...
Strava or it didn’t happen apparently…

3. Your YouTube history is nothing but bikes (maybe the odd Taylor Swift song)


2. When you look at mountains you see this:


1. Bikes are on your brain. All. The. Time.


We’re all addicted here, let’s just embrace it!

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